Strategic analysis of complex messy business situations
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Assessment Task: Written Case Report

1) Assessment Details;

• The purpose is to enable the student to:

- Gain experience in the strategic analysis of complex, messy business situations;

- Communicate the findings of a formal piece of work an meet a deadline;

- Gain experience in writing clearly, well organised and convincingly argued business reports.

• An abstract or synopsis of up to 50 words is required

• Late submissions will be penalised

• It must be an individual piece of work created by the submitting student

2) The APA reference style should be adopted for the written case report. More information regarding the APA system can be found in the General Guide for the presentation of Academic Wok or referring to the link to the library website. (UB Library - Citation Guides)

I have been asked to clarify some issues regarding the final assignment.

First, it should be written as a report. Please identify the problems that your firm is experiencing early in your paper. Then describe how the strategy has been specifically tailored to overcome the difficulty that the firm is experiencing. Then you should proceed further with your analysis.

It should be a maximum of 2,500 words and I would suggest that you use subtitles that you believe to be suitable.

Attachment:- Assignment.rar

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