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Use the company of your choice - this company could be your own business, a friend's business, a client's business, the business/organization for which you work, or a public firm.

Format: complete the following sections of the Strategic Analysis Model:

Gen Info





Strat Grp Map





Core Comp,

GE Matrix,


TOWS Matrix,



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This task is about strategic management analysis of Apple company, It is 2000 words task and it is MS-word report. In this report, SWOT analysis, porters analayis, environmental analysis and other esential analysis of Apple Company are discussed in detail. Purpose of report to thoroughly understand strategic approach of Apple Company. Harvard referencing is done.

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This report is about an analysis of a business organization to understand its strategic management for implementing its various business activities and what is mission, vision, competitors and market performance of this company. Besides this, here also discussed SWOT and Porter’s analysis of this company.

The purpose of making this report is to thoroughly understand essential business activities of a company and to measure its overall performance among its market competitions. There are various large and small business organizations and all these organizations implement strategic approach to enhance the growth of business and to compete in market.

All these organizations have motive to provide satisfactory service to its customers with its quality work. But to do this lots of efforts are required. For this report, Apple Inc. Company is selected which is very well-known worldwide for its web and mobile technologies. Now in next segments of this report different sections of Strategic Analysis Model will be focused.

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