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There are mutual funds that invest in stocks of socially responsible or ethical or green companies. Do a Google search to identify at least three such funds and look up their performance. How have these funds performed over the past three years compared to funds that invest more broadly? Explain the findings.

Transparency International, an anti-bribery advocacy group, issues an annual ranking of countries based on how wide-spread corruption is around the world. Fast growing countries such as China and India rank highly in terms of being corrupt. U.S. companies seeking to gain a slice of business in these countries are often faced with the need to give bribes. Using the various ethical frameworks you have studied in Chapter 9, what would you recommend the company should do?

Reference no: EM1317713

Write down the total revenue function of the monopolist

1. The demand curve facing a monopolist is given by q(p)=10200-100p and its cost function is of the form c(q)=(q^2)/2. (a) Write down the total revenue function of the monopol

Explain this allowed them to survive until they were rescued

Explain This allowed them to survive until they were rescued and After they were rescued they were charged with premeditated first degree murder under the relevant state sta

Cloud computing and client-server computing

What is the difference between cloud computing and client/server computing. What types of resources are used on each, what kind of applications, and what type of security is

Baseline of government powers

When we began looking at domestic security we needed to make a baseline of government powers, people's rights and a balance thereof. I think all of us agree that the key to

The case for taking zynga private

This spring, Mark Pincus returned to Zynga, the gaming company he founded in 2007, to attempt the near-impossible: a turnaround of a consumer tech company. Pincus, you might

Identify the various cybercrimes that would apply

Identify the various cybercrimes that would apply in a business setting? Deliver a scenario by way of example that will demonstrate to your colleagues a state that might occ

Plethora of information resources

Submit the Company's Use of Information Sources assignment. The current business environment provides a plethora of information resources that are essential for companies to

Determinants of performance-declarative knowledge

Briefly describe the three determinants of performance-declarative knowledge, procedural knowledge, and motivation-and based on the information provided, give examples of ea


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