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In calculating the GDP, why aren't stock market investments included? a. Stock prices fluctuate daily and a true value is hard to determine. b. Owning stocks does not contribute to our country's well being. c. The investment could actually turn into a loss. d. Only investment in newly produced goods is included.

Reference no: EM131169453

Payable in six equal end-of-year payments

An engineer borrowed $3000 from the bank, payable in six equal end-of-year payments at 8%. The bank agreed to reduce the interest on the loan if interest rates declined in the

How privatization of health care may be possible

An examination of the right of an individual to health care and the impact health care funding can have on social welfare - Jennifer Jonh-Yar Bukrs is now an advocate of priva

What is the nash equilibrium and equilibrii

Create your own games. You will need to set it up one normal form for a one-shot simaltaneous game and one shot sequential move game. These should be seperate games - not the

Costs of production for the current month output

Commodore Candies produces a 3-pound box of chocolate that it sells for $6.75 to various retail outlets. Commodore’s output capacity for this product is 10,000 units per month

One of the assumptions of monopolistic competition

One of the assumptions of monopolistic competition is that firms produce differentiated products. What does this assumption imply about the demand curve facing a representativ

What are the pros and cons of commodity versus fiat money

Why do politicians (such as Ron Paul) who distrust government prefer government-issued gold and silver coins to government-issued paper money? Do you agree or disagree? What a

Income is from child support and how much is from welfare

Consider the economic situation of Tatum, a single mother with one daughter, Blaire. Tatum is free to work as many hours as she would like at $10/hr. Additionally, should she

Long run equilibrium-producing full employment level

Suppose that the economy is in long run equilibrium, producing the full employment level of output. Now suppose that workers and firms come to expect the Fed to embark on expa


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