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Suggestions for presentation and term paper topics

(Any topic of your own choice is more than welcome and to be discussed with the lecturer beforehand!)

• Mergers & Acquisitions: a recent example

• Supply Chain Management

• Outsourcing Today - Pros and Cons

• Franchising in Germany

• Marketing co-operation (co-branding, cross promotion, etc.)

• The advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing

• Compare the marketing strategies of two companies operating in the same market, e.g. Google and Yahoo, Samsung and Nokia, Mercedes and BMW, Gucci and Armani, Zara and H&M, Boeing and Airbus, etc.)

• Marks and Spencer - The British flagship retailer?

• Crowdfunding

• Effects of the financial crisis on selected countries e.g. Greece

• Intercultural communication: Doing business with ... (a nationality of your choice e.g. the US-Americans, the British, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Russians, the Polish etc.) - Dos and Don'ts

• Cyberfraud today (in Britain, Germany or in the US)

• Intellectual property infringement: legal background and recent examples

• The advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing

• The effects of using smartphone apps on our modern communication

• Hacking

I need a 10 pages on any economic topics based on the INSTRUCTION BELOW.

Please becarefull with the instructions because my future is based on this paper.

Title page, contents page, bibliography, appendices (e.g. diagrams and pictures) and Declaration of Originality (Eigenständigkeitserklärung; see RFH Leitfaden) do not count as written text pages! Anything under the required minimum of 10 pages will result in loss of points! Anything exceeding the required 10 pages will also result in loss of points! Language Term papers must be written in English.

German sources should only be used if absolutely necessary! German quotations must be translated into English! That means if you use German quotations, a translation into English must be written next to the original German quotation.

Format The format of the term paper is based on the RFH "Leitfaden zum Anfertigen der wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis und Projekt-, Forschungs- und Hausarbeiten". Title page This page should include the title of the class, the lecturer's name, the title of the paper, the student's name, matriculation number, contact details (address, email address) and date of submission.

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Reference no: EM13739629

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