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When someone asks you "What is the status of this project?" what they really want to know is the status of the schedule and budget. How can you do that without a software tool?

Reference no: EM131232761

Effectiveness of current training and development department

You have just been appointed as the Chairperson of the President's Council on Training and Development for Corporations in the United States. Your assignment is to give direct

Fostering passion and drive to creativity and innovation

If your organization has a vision, how strong is it in fostering passion and drive to creativity and innovation? If your organization does not have a compelling vision, post y

When a firm expands its operations into foreign markets

When a firm expands its operations into foreign markets, what are the three most important factors to take into account in deciding what type of structure is most appropriate?

The beginning inventory is zero bolts

Manager Chris Channing of Fabric Mills, Inc., has developed the forecast shown in the table for bolts of cloth. The figures are in hundreds of bolts. The department has a norm

Describe situation in which conflict was functional

Describe a situation in which a conflict was functional. describe another example where the conflict was dysfunctional. Identify the crucial elements that made one functional

Several collaboration tools that are useful for remote teams

List several collaboration tools that are useful for remote teams and explain how they help in running successful remote team projects? Would you be using those tools? If so,

Harassment prevention training

Your boss has questioned your plans to include harassment prevention training in next year’s budget. He said, “We don’t have any harassment around here. Why do we need this ki

Use the most common evaluation errors

Describe a time when your performance was evaluated at work or after completing a school project. To what degree was the evaluation process fair? What would you have done diff


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