Statistical concept of probability to real estate

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Apply the statistical concept of probability to real estate. Find an article related to real estate, either residential or commercial property management, development or sales.

Discuss how you would use probability to assist your clients in either property management, development or sales.

Reference no: EM131217260

Subordinates they are collecting information

What kind of information is it ethical to collect or unethical to collect? Why? Should managers and organizations inform subordinates they are collecting such information?

Smokers and the obese need not apply

Almost every organization in the United States recognizes that it's imperative to have healthy employees. Given the significant cost increases in health insurance coverage f

Briefly evaluate its international business-level strategy

For the corporation that operates internationally, briefly evaluate its international business-level strategy and international corporate-level strategy and make recommendat

Why did hawaii end its universal child health care program

Public Insurance and HealthWhat is "take up"?What is "crowd-out"? What does the evidence show about take up and crowd-out from Medicaid expansion? Why did Hawaii end its uni

Explain importance of top level leadership in organization

Determine guidelines for exercising authority. What guidelines would you recommend for reward power and coercive power? Explain the importance of top level leadership within o

Identify appropriate organizational structures

The development of a firm's international organization can be divided into different stages. Identify these stages and discuss their relationship to the international compet

Produce the historical development of the theory

You are to produce the Historical Development of the Theory segment illustrating the evolution of theories within topic "Employee Engagement Leads To Customer Satisfaction".

Specific pieces of information

Make on recommendation to Mr. Rainer and sport "R" Us regarding where they would see the most again in improvement for the next quarter. What specific pieces of information


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