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Question 1.When given a choice between buying advertising time on a local televised gardening show and transit advertising, the owner of Lowe's Jewelry Store chose the television program because he had heard about the problem transit advertisers have with:
limited selectivity.
long exposure.
creative inflexibility.
lack of clutter.
high costs.

Question 2._____ is a cross between traditional billboards and transit advertising.
Ad-placement advertising
A mobile billboard
The full-showing panel
Variable-site advertising
On-board advertising

Question 3.The three basic forms of standardized structures are bulletins, 30-sheet poster panels and junior panels.

Question 4.An advertiser might choose to use direct-mail advertising instead of some other medium because direct-mail advertising:
does not add to environmental problems.
can be personalized.
has a very low cost per exposure.
can hold the interest of prospects without the aid of editorial or entertainment content.
can be efficiently and precisely delivered.

Question 5.Each year, Darwin Septic Tank Company gives its customers calendars with the business's address and phone number on the bottom of each page. This calendar is an example of a(n):
long-term advertising message.
loyalty prize.
continuity promotion.
advertising specialty.

Question 6.One of the benefits offered by outdoor advertising is control of the ad's physical appearance.

Question 7.Which of the following statements about outdoor advertising is true?
By far the biggest outdoor advertisers are snack food manufacturers.
Outdoor advertising can be used as a directional medium for tourists.
The company that owns the outdoor structures used for advertising is called an outdoor communications specialist.
Outdoor advertising is not used in any other country except the U.S.
Outdoor advertising started in 1990s.

Question 8.One of the benefits of using transit advertising is long exposure.

Question 9.When the sponsors of a charity golf tournament purchased commercial time on local television, the station's sales rep promised a total exposure for the ad of 32,000. In other words, the _____ for the commercial would be 32,000.
gross impressions
attention value
effective reach
gross ratings point

Question 10.In spring 2007, Irwin Gotlieb crafted a $1 million pact with NBC Universal (NBCU) that changed the age-old model of how TV ads are bought: The bigger the hit, the more you pay. With DVRs allowing people to skip commercials, Gotlieb decided that a show's popularity no longer mattered. He told NBC executives that he would pay based on who was watching the commercials. Gotlieb redefined how _____ were established.
audience objectives
continuity objectives
mission objectives
environmental objectives
marketing mix objectives

Reference no: EM13840819

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