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Assignment - Chose a company (TARGET IN AUSTRILIA)

(word limit 2500 word)

Obtain a financial report of company from ASX website or google latest finical report 2018, statement of financial performance or annual report, balance sheet, cash flow statement.

- Description of the company
- Identify your company, who is the owner of company?

Structure of ownership
- Performance ratio
- Graphs of financial report
- Share price of the company
- Rate of returns and cost of capital
- Weighted, average, cost of capital (wacc)
- Dividend policy
- Recommendation. If we will invest into the company


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" The assignment is made with a detailed analysis of the shareholding pattern of Target Australia, its parent company Wesfarmers limited, the estimation of the financial ratios for the last two years, estimation of cost of capital, cost of debts and cost of overall capital and also the analysis of the firms dividend policy along with a recommendation whether investment shall be made in the firms stock or not.This assignment was prepared in Microsoft word and APA referencing has been adopted for the same".

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    please use very very simple language like a 12th standard, no complicated word or language use, Assignment 1 chose a company (TARGET IN AUSTRILIA) (word limit 2500 word)

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