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State your own position Intelligent Property Rights and offer a defence for it. Utilizing the Ethical Dialectical Process of Thinking state what your ethical position would be on the moral question or dilemma or situation and why. You are to take a position as well as defend it. You should utilizing some ethical principle and human value to decide what you think is the ethically correct thing to do. You must state those ethical principles as well as explain how they have been applied to the situation. You must indicate that you have rejected alternative positions to your own and the reasons why you have done so. In so doing you want to enunciate clearly the values and ethical principle(s) you are using to both discard the alternative positions and to defend or support your own.

Reference no: EM1377424

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Describe why your organization does not have unlimited resources (space, inventory, product line, etc). Explain why there are always limits to what your organization can do.

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Explain Successful project management office. Senior management will at all times ask what business value they will realize from a project management office (PMO)

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Suggest three (3) key reasons why documenting solutions to network issues is an important best practice. Speculate on the implications of improperly / incompletely documenti

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How would this data be best presented? Consider different types of charts and graphs that would best depict the data. After creating a visual representation, provide a shor

Major sub disciplines of toxicology

Compare and discriminate between the major sub disciplines of toxicology and their roles in occupational safety and health and illustrate the mechanisms by which a toxicant


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