State the roles and responsibilities line managers

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  1. Table of content
  2.  Introduction
  3. A brief overview of the assignment
  4. Company overview
  5. A brief background on the company

Task 1- the role of HRM

  1. Personnel management v's human resource management
  2. Define personnel management Define Human Resource Management
  3. Compare the similarities and differences between the 2 terms

M1- how does HR contribute to the organisations objectives (link this to 2.1)

The functions of HRM in ShakeAway

Functions of

Explain/examples within



Sum up key points

2.4 Roles and responsibility of line managers Define what a line manager is

State the roles and responsibilities line managers may have. State what roles and responsibilities line managers do that was traditionally done by HR. Look for examples within ShakeAway.2.5 M2- what are the roles and responsibilities of HR managers (link this to 2.4)

3.0 Task 2- ShakeAways growth strategy.

3.1 Reasons why HR planning is important

Define HR planning

Explain why HR planning is important and the problems with it.

3.2 HR planning process

State the HR planning process. Do this is a flow chart/diagram/table Then identify where ShakeAway are using these.

3.3 Recruitment and selection Define recruitment and selection

State which process is the most effective and why



R&S process

R&S process

 use graphs/charts/ diagrams and key terms throughout.

 use lots of references as well as Harvard Referencing system

Reference no: EM131122345

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In a response of no more than two complete paragraphs, briefly describe some of the key questions (and where/how you would get answers to those questions) that you may need

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