State the gibbs-duhem-margules equation

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Utilize the Gibbs-Duhem equation to derive the Gibbs-Duhem-Margules equation. Utilize the relation to show that, while the fugacities are replaced by pressures, if Raoult's law applies to one component in a mixture then Henry's law must apply to the other.

Reference no: EM13659659

Calculating the concentration of hydrochloric acid

0250 L of hydrochloric acid with an unknown concentration. I am using a .700M aqueous ammonia solution for my tritation and need to reach the equivalence point after using 10.

How many l of oxygen are required

aluminum and oxygen react to form aluminum oxide. How many L of oxygen at 296K and 1.4 atm of pressure are necessary to form 3.25g of aluminum oxide.

What is the ph of the solution

Suppose you have 0.001 M solution of a dye with pka of 7.2. from the color, concentration of protonated form is found to be 0.0002 M. Assume remainder of the dye is in the d

State single crystal of aluminum oxide is zero

If the initial surface coverage is 8.9*10^16 molecules/cm^2, how long will it take for one-half of the film to evaporate? b. What fraction of the film is left after 10 s? Assu

Explain study guide for naming of organic compounds

This is a study guide for naming of organic compounds, specifically alkanes and substituted alkanes. Thirty (30) questions and answers are also included. The study guide sho

Predict the rate law based on the mechanism

Chemical Kinetics - Predict the rate law of a reaction based on the mechanism of the reaction - What is the overall reaction and Predict the rate law based on the mechanism.

Write the balanced chemical equations of the marsh test

Antimony is the only potential interferent, as it reacts similarly to arsenic and produces a similar silvery-black film; however, antimony does not dissolve in a solution of

State the ground-state electron configurations

Write the ground-state electron configurations for the following elements. (Type your answer in noble gas notation using the format [Ar] 4s2 3d10 4p2 for [Ar]4s23d104p2.)


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