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From the Editorial section of a newspaper (The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal or any other newspaper) choose an editorial that presents a view about a social policy or social welfare issue. Print a copy of the editorial. On another sheet of paper, write a synopsis of the argument presented by identifying the issue presented, the group to whom it applies, and the writer's perspective. Identify the evidence cited in the editorial and describe the author's recommended action. State how this issue relates to the profession of social work. On a third sheet of paper, prepare your own letter to the editor in which you respond to the editorial you have analyzed. Your letter should include an alternative to the issue or problem. Provide evidence to support your letter's viewpoint by citing information you learned from reading a relevant scholarly social work journal article. Make a copy of the scholarly social work journal article.

Highlight the part(s) of the journal article to which you refer in your letter and attach a copy of the article to your assignment. Find and identify two blogs that discuss the issue.

The final product should include:

• the letter to the editor from the newspaper

• your ideas about the meaning of the letter and the evidence the writer used to support his/her opinion

• your own letter to the editor with a citation from the scholarly social work journal article you read to support your opinion

• a copy of the scholarly journal article you read with your citation highlighted

• a copy of two blogs that discuss the issue

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Reference no: EM13671346

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