State fault tolerance approaches that systems managers use

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Windows server software works seamlessly with most hardware vendors that offer fault tolerant systems. Discuss fault tolerance approaches that systems managers use to assure continuity of operations. 200 words minimun plus references

Reference no: EM13302730

Create flowchart to accept length of base of triangle

Create a flowchart that will accept the length of the base and height of a triangle and print the area. Area of a triangle is : area = 1/2b*h ; where b = base and h = hei

Summarizing a functional requirement of the system

A list of at least 20 use cases, each one summarizing a functional requirement of the system in a sentence or two. This is also a good place to indicate possible security th

Domain model & state

Domain Model & State-Transition Diagram Problem An airline company would like to manage their planes and flight routes. They have 4 airplanes and they fly to 10 destinations.

Describing how the internet works

Describing how the Internet works. For the Internet activities explained above, describes Internet risks and actions that various organization take to reduce risks arising fr

The balanced scorecard

Project managers can use one of several approaches to measuring the quality and success of an IS/IT project. For example, balanced scorecards are a simple and effective way

Journey beyond hells gate

This text based game was created to further our knowledge of java, sql and the software development cycle as well as to satisfy the requirements - The game functions will be

Describe in which malware was utilized to steal data access

From the selected e-Activity article, describe in detail the way in which the malware was utilized to steal data or gain privileged remote access to a computer or network.

Compute degree centrality of an undirected graph

Compute the degree centrality- closeness centrality of nodes in the graph - write a program in your preferred programming language to compute degree centrality of an undirecte


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