State case against the defendant in a criminal prosecution

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"Computer Crime and the Role of Prosecutor"

It is common knowledge that the role of a prosecutor is to present the state's case against the defendant in a criminal prosecution. However, the role of the prosecutor entails the enormous responsibility of seeking justice and not merely convicting a defendant. Give your opinion as to why the prosecution bears the burden of proof (i.e., to prove or disprove a fact or demonstrate the defendant's guilt). Next, support or critique the argument that this requirement should be placed solely with the prosecutor. Provide a rationale to support your response. 150 word min.

Reference no: EM131113954

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What does Kuhn mean when he claims that a paradigm is not a object for replication, but is instead like an accepted judicial decision in the common law? What does Kuhn mean by

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Which is a unique advantage of lateral communication

Peter is working on a project. He feels that the parameters need to be changed to meet client specifications. First, he must talk to his immediate supervisor, who will then


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