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Q1 A population of birds on an island vary in color. Some have blue wings and some have green. All are doing well until a meteorite hits the island and kills many of the birds. More blue-winged than green-winged birds are killed. Which of the following should we expect if we compare the next generation to the one that got hit?

A. Directional selection has occurred
B. Evolution has occurred
C. Assortative mating has occurred
D. None of the above should occur because this was a random stochastic event

Q2 In a population of butterflies, wing color varies between a deep orange and a light yellow.The alleles for these colors show incomplete dominance with heterozygotes being intermediate in color.Butterflies with intermediate coloration are more likely to be eaten by birds, and so the population tends to have higher frequencies of butterflies that are homozygous for wing color.This is consistent with:

A. Assortative mating
B. Genetic drift
C. Heterozygote advantage
D. Disruptive selection

Q3 A species of cactus varies in the density of spines on the plants (a genetically based trait).Plants with fewer spines are more likely to be eaten by peccaries.However, the plants with the most spines are preferred by an insect who lays its eggs on the base of the plant.The larvae eat into the plant causing it to rot.Both the peccaries and the insects do significant damage to the plants they attack, reducing the plants ability to reproduce.This could be categorized as an example of:

A. Stabilizing selection
B. Directional selection
C. Disruptive selection
D. Sexual selection


In rabbits short hair is due to a dominant allele, and long hair is recessive. Two short-haired rabbits are left in a cage with no supervision, and soon produce a litter of 6 beautiful babies.They all have long hair.What can you say about the parent rabbits?

A. One of the parents is heterozygous and the other is homozygous recessive
B. The parents are both homozygous for long hair
C. The results for this cross are impossible.Is there a milkman bunny somewhere in the picture?
D. The parents are both heterozygous

Reference no: EM13177251

Determine the most probable genotypes for the parents

In guinea pigs. dark coat color (C) is dominant over albino (c),and short hair (S) is dominant over long hair (s). The genes forthese two traits show independent assortment.

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