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Question 1 : Explain the main advantages and disadvantages of a STAR topology network.

Question 2 : In your own words, described the functional differences between a bridge and a gateway. Give an example of each.

Question 3 Give one real life example where packet switching would be preferred over circuit switching and explain why.

Question 4 : Give two advantages and two disadvantages of password generating software. Would you recommend the use of such software for your own system? Explain why or why not?

Question 5 : Give TWO examples of excellent passwords and explain why each would be a good choice to protect a system from unauthorized users.

Question 6 : Many users are required to log in to several networks and thus have multiple passwords, which are difficult to remember. Name three ways a use can manage these password requirements, and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each. Finally, decide which one would you use and explain why.

Words Limit: 1000
Please write your answers in short with containing total words Limit: 1000-1500, make sure to answer as per questions asked in list.


Reference no: EM131029778

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