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(a) Shneiderman's eight golden rules for discussion design are as follows:

1) Strive for consistency

(2) Enable frequent users to use shortcuts

(3) Provide informative feedback

(4) Provide dialog to yield closure

(5) Error prevention and easy error handling

(6) Allow easy reversal of actions

(7) make sure the user is in control

(8) Reduce Short Term Memory load.

Describe each rule.

(b) With suggestion to any product that you are familiar with (for instance a mobile phone or an application software), answer the subsequent:

(i) Converse the extent to which each rule has been implemented in the design of the product (deem as many of these rules as you can).

(ii) Portray three metaphors that have been employed in that product? Sketch any one of these metaphors.

Which Gestalt principle of visual perception has been applied to the intended underneath? Give good reason for your answer.

328_fig 1.png

(d) A fabricated elevator panel will require buttons for eight floors. There are three basements, first floor, second floor, third floor, fourth floor and fifth floor. The panel will also have buttons for door open, door close, emergence stop, and emergency intercom.

(i) Propose a meaningful design for these buttons.

(ii) Using any two suitable gestalt principles of visual perception, propose a design for the panel. The two selected principles should help increase the usability of the panel.


(a) Give explanation of the Star Life Cycle as a model for interface Design?

(b) (i) What is the central constituent in the Star Life Cycle model ?

(ii) Why is it considered to be the central component?

(c) Why is iteration in the interface design process significant?

(d) Presume you have to design a product for a large administration.

(i) When designing the product, at what point in time is it suggested to involve the users? Why is it so?

(ii) Where will you find your users?


(a) What is heuristic evaluation and why is it significant?

(b) Usability heuristics or principles are useful in evaluating the early design of a product or interface. An instance is Nielsen's usability principles. These principles are as follows:

1. Aesthetic and minimalist design

2. counterpart between system and the real world

3. Recognition rather than recall

4. Steadiness(consistency)

5. Visibility of system status

6. User control and freedom

7. Flexibility and efficiency of use

8. Help users recognize, diagnose, and recuperate from errors

9. Error Prevention

10. Help and documentation

(i) Explain each one of them.

(ii) Why is it imperative to have the usability experts appraise the design of the product on their own first, and then have them compare their findings afterwards?

Reference no: EM133266

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