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Besides the automotive industry, what other major industries can be used as examples for both Standardized and Customized products? For example: Computers could meet both examples. Most HP, Dell’s, Toshiba, and many other companies have it set to where the customer could get a standard version of a computer/laptop or get a customized version (meaning additional graphic cards or RAM) of the said computer/laptop. Do you think that other fast food companies (i.e. Pizza Hut, Dominos, or Papa Johns) could fall into the same category as computers would? Just food for thought… no pun intended.

Reference no: EM131399002

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A McDonald's store sells an average of 4000 quarter pound hamburgers each week. Hamburger patties are resupplied twice a week, and on average the store has 350 pounds of hambu

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The daily demand of a product is very stable at 250 units per day. However, its delivery lead time varies and can be specified by a normal distribution with a mean lead time o

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What are some current judicial or cultural practices that enable gender inequalities? Moving forward with the knowledge you have gained from this course, as well as any work e


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