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Psychology the cognitive development: Piagetian and Social cultural views.

1.       The stage of cognitive development in which children understand the world through their sense and their actions

a.       Sensorimotor

b.      Concrete operational though

c.       Preoperational though

d.      Formal operational though

2.       When your sister toy rolls out of sight under the bed, she immediately begin to search for it. What Piagetian concept does this represent?

a.       Centration

b.      Accommodation

c.       Object permanence

d.      Animism

3.       The common characteristic of preoperational thinking are

a.       Animism, artificailism and dynamic transformation

b.      Egocentrism, conservation and reversibility

c.       Conservation, reversibly and dynamic transformation

d.      Egocentrism, animism and artificialism

4.       When three-year old Josh is asked what he is going to get his father for his father’s birthday. Josh say ”Dumb truck”. In reality, Josh is the one who wants the dump truck, not his father. Josh just demonstrated what type of thinking?

a.       Animistic

b.      Egocentric

c.       Centrated

d.      Reversible

5.       As a young child, grace felt sorry for her toys when she had to put them away in the toy box at night. She believed that the toys will feel Lonly and forgotten. This is an example of

a.       Conservation

b.      Egocentrism

c.       Artificlism

d.      Animism

6.       When children understand that the amount of water In a tall, this glass may be equal to the amount of water in a short wide glass they are demonstrating.

a.       Conservation

b.      Egocentrism

c.       Animism

d.      Make believe paly

7.       During what stage do adolescents begin to think logically about abstract concepts such as truth, love justice and death.

a.       Preoperational

b.      Concrete operations

c.       sensorimotor

d.      formal operations

8.       when a child is learning a new activity, that child will often talk aloud to him or herself for support and directions .Vygotsky referred to this type of “talking aloud” as

a.       public speech

b.      social speech

c.       mental speech

d.      private speech

9.       According to Vygotsky, providing supportive assistance and guidance to a child learning a new task or developing skill is called

a.       Reassurance

b.      Private speech

c.       Scaffolding

d.      Assimilation

10.   According to Vygotsky, the upper limit of the zone of proximal development refers to a child’s

a.       Behavior during the preoperational stage

b.      Inability to benefit from a cognitive strategy

c.       Problem-solving skills when assisted by an adult or a more capable peer.

d.      Attachment to a mother or a father figure.

Reference no: EM13494146

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