Spread of islam outside of the arabian peninsula

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1 Please (with examples) discuss the social, geographical, economic, cultural, and ideological reasons for the origins of Islam;

2 Please (with examples) discuss the political, military, and religious causes for the spread of Islam outside of the Arabian peninsula;;

3. Please (with examples) describe the sectarian differences within Islam that arose before 1000;

4. Please (with examples) describe the political divisions that arose within Islam before 1000!

Reference no: EM13209942

Discuss the fundamental actions that the leadership

Select one (1) developing country, and discuss the fundamental actions that the leadership of the selected country is - or is not - taking to improve the living standards of

The nonlinear equations of motion

where g is gravity, L is the length of the pendulum, m is the mass attached at the end of the pendulum (we assume the rod is massless), and k is the coefficient of friction

Show that the variance of the weight is finite

Compare the previous choice with choosing (θ|x) as the instrumental distribution when the likelihood is proportional to a density. (Hint: Consider the case of exponential fa

Create a survey based on the identified characteristics

Create a survey based on the identified characteristics and " poll" at least ten people to find out whether or not the characteristics are relevant for a gentleman or lady o

Does everyone have just one leadership style or can it vary

ohn, a health management student completing an internship at Memorial Hospital, has been appointed chair of a multidisciplinary clinical taskforce by the hospital's CEO. The

The lifetimes of certain types of car battery

The lifetimes of certain types of car battery are normally distributed with a mean of 348 days and standard deviation of 80 days. If the supplier guarantees them for six mon

Main focuses of the humanities

One of the main focuses of the Humanities has been the "struggles" of many of the historical figures and all that they had to go through to become the giants that they were

Summarize two religions from the chart

Go to Religion Facts and review the religion charts. If the link does not open for you (or expires), you can go online and search "Religions Chart".Summarize two religions f


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