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Sports Marketing Assessment - Sports Marketing Communication Plan


No Brain - No Game: Concussion - "The Age Newspaper Article - March 31st, 2016"

"Brisbane Lions defender Justin Clarke retires at 22 from concussion"

As a Group, after reading this newspaper article, you are to choose an International or Domestic Sports Organisation and then provide an effective Marketing/Communication Plan on how your organisation addresses the important health and wellness issues involved around Player Welfare.

For Sport and Recreation organisations to market themselves effectively, it is vital that organisations develop communication strategies that can assist them in achieving their targets. Through implementing effective communication strategies, organisations may aim to increase membership, improve retention of existing members, attract sponsors or raise the profile of the organisation's activities through the media.


Groups will be allocated by the subject lecturer and communicated to all students by the end of week 4. Communication of these groups will be via email and the groups can then join the discussion forum for assessments to begin initial conversations with your group. Further communication can be taken offline via the preferred method of the group.

Key elements of this effective Marketing/Communication Plan should include:

Background to the Sports Organisation (such as) - Introduction, History, Membership Base, Organisation Facts, Awards and Achievements

Market Research (Sample - you must use a minimum of 5 different people to complete this research) - In order to effectively communicate with your stakeholders you must understand who they are. Conducting market research allows you to find out more about the perceptions and preferences of your current and potential target audience, including members, sponsors, participants and industry stakeholders. Market research should help determine the type of message and communication method best suited for your target audience, which will then be included in your plan. Types of market research methods include: surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, telephone, face-to-face interviews

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis - A SWOT analysis assists your organisation in identifying and evaluating all its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with the Health and Wellness agenda in an Organisation, and develop strategies to target strengths and opportunities, and limit the impact of weaknesses and threats to the organisation.

Marketing Goals and Objectives - Based on the outcomes of market research and your SWOT analysis, your organisation should develop a strategy that includes details of specific marketing goals and objectives required to achieve the organisation's objectives. These objectives should be very specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (SMART). An example of having a specific objective would be, "To increase sponsorship revenue by 10% by December 2017"

Who is your audience? - The target audience for each marketing objective should be clearly identified to ensure effective outcomes are achieved.

What should your message be? - A message can be developed that reflects the vision and purpose of your organisation and the activity being undertaken to protect Player Welfare. Specific messages can be used to appeal to a particular target audience, specific messages should be developed to maximise effectiveness of the communication.

How will you communicate? - Communication methods available to Sport and Recreation organisations are diverse and varied. There is a range of communication options available to promote your brand and services. Your organisation should select the option that will maximise exposure to your target audience.

Methods of Communication - There are many ways your organisation can market your strategy. As a Group you should choose the most effective method possible to maximize returns, and to effectively achieve your communications objectives.

Options include:

Face-to-face - Potentially the best way to communicate, as there is immediate feedback to the communicator on how successfully they are getting the messages across. The face-to-face exchange of information maximises the chances of clear communication.

E-Newsletters - A weekly or monthly email update is great if you have a database of email addresses to communicate with. E-Newsletters also provide you with an opportunity to provide current or potential sponsors a platform to advertise their product or service.

Website - An essential communication tool for most audiences. This is generally the most used resource for communicating to your current and future audiences. It is essential you keep it up to date.

Social media - Establishing a Twitter feed or Facebook page for your organisation can be an easy and effective way of getting your message across to a large online audience. Ensure your messages are up to date and to the point.

Email - An inexpensive, fast, and efficient tool for marketing communications. The precise and personal nature of this communication method is effective. An up to date database of email addresses must be maintained for this communication method to be successful.

SMS - A fast an effective way to inform members of events and opportunities. There are many online systems available to organisations, which allow a high volume of messages to be sent at low cost.

Presentations, Seminars and Workshops - Creates face-to-face interaction with multiple stakeholders, can result in more efficient communication than one-on-one interaction. Effective planning must be undertaken to ensure the audience does not become disengaged and leave the session with the appropriate messages.

Publications - Printed leaflets, flyers or brochures can be excellent forms of communication. When designing publications, ensure the language style, layout, and graphic design will appeal to, and be easily understood by, the target audience. A published annual report also provides organisations with an opportunity to promote the effectiveness of a marketing or communications plan.

Mail Out - Direct mail-outs allow you to make an interesting offer directly to a target audience, and as such can result in positive return for effort. An up to date database of postal addresses is vital if this method of communication is to be successful.

Media - Media, whether electronic, print or television can be effective in reaching a particular target audience. When creating media exposure ensure that the content is relevant to the message that you are communicating and that the organisation is displayed in a positive manner. Effective media exposure of the organisation is an effective way to service existing sponsors and can become an attractive opportunity for potential sponsors.

Advertising - Advertising allows organisations to control the message delivered at a cost. You can control the messages layout, position and timing and create maximum exposure. Advertising is not confined to print media; it can also include electronic, radio or television. It is vital that the most effective advertising medium is chosen to reach the intended target audience to ensure there is a positive return from the investment in advertising.

Events - Events and launches that portray the organisation in a positive light, where the media and/or target audience are invited to attend, can be an effective communication method. Maximising attendance is critical to the success of this communication method, as such you must decide upon a venue, time of day, day of the week, and time of year to suit your target group.

Minimum of 10 Academic References (including but not limited to Journals, textbooks and any other relevant and credible media articles) with APA referencing required as support and evidence for your decisions made in the Communication Plan.

Table of content -

1. Introduction

2. Background

2. Market research

3. SWOT Analysis

4. Marketing goals and objectives

5. Audience/ Target Market

6. The message and how it will be communicated

6.1 Communication

6.2 Communication

6.3 Communication

7. References

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  1. user image

    Total 500-600 words. This is a group assessment which I supposed to add around 500 - 600 words. Could please have a look at this word document and see what my colleagues have already done and to add my part as better you can, please. And also one of the members sent me a picture with her notes which shows the part each member is responsible, Im (Walter). So far Im responsible for these two parts bellow: Background to the Sports Organisation (such as) – Introduction, History, Membership Base, Organisation Facts, Awards and Achievements And Social media - Establishing a Twitter feed or Facebook page for your organisation can be an easy and effective way of getting your message across to a large online audience. Ensure your messages are up to date and to the point.

  2. user image

    Minimum of 10 Academic References (including but not limited to Journals, textbooks and any other relevant and credible media articles) with APA referencing required as support and evidence for your decisions made in the Communication Plan. A sophisticated understanding of the Business and Wellness Agenda. Mastery of concepts and application to new situations/further learning within the Introduction and Background. The focus for the market research findings(s) or basis for plan is exceptionally clear. The Rationale for the research methodology is compared and evaluated against alternatives and the chosen method is appropriate for the research findings/plan.

  3. user image

    Excellent description and details of the communication plan’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats Exceptionally well developed strategies provided to target the strengths and opportunities and/or limit and impacts the weaknesses and threats on the Health and Wellness Agenda in an Organisation. In addition to setting challenging goals, objectives and performance indicators, using SMART principles, builds a business case for resource requirements. Predicts and plans for contingencies. Highly sophisticated knowledge of the audience requirements with messages articulated exceptionally well.

  4. user image

    As a Group, you have chosen an extensive amount of effective communication methods as a way to possibly maximise returns Extensive use of options, allowing for very well developed and effective communication objectives. Expertly written and adheres to the academic genre. Demonstrates expert use of high-quality, credible and relevant research sources to support and develop arguments and position statements. Shows extensive evidence of reading beyond the key reading There are no mistakes in using the APA Style. Expertly presented; the presentation is logical, persuasive, and well supported by evidence, demonstrating a clear flow of ideas and arguments. Engages and sustains assessor’s interest in the topic, demonstrates high levels of cultural and ethical sensitivity.

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