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You are the sponsor of a project to build two mega-movie theaters in Austin, Texas. You hired Dallas-based Martin Construction Company to do the work to the tune of $16M. Their bid was in the middle-of-the-pack, but your research showed they were reputable in the industry. They were sued two times in the past 5 years because clients were unhappy with several quality issues, but you felt that the lawsuits were frivolous, even though Martin paid hefty sums to settle the legal matters. During the construction effort, you make a surprise visit to the building site. You notice that some of the workers are not wearing safety equipment, but this surely is not your problem. A little later you discover that the construction materials used appear to be of lower grade than specified by the contract. Now your flat worried! You grabbed your iPhone, and call Ryan, the project manager who represents Martin. How do you plan to address the issues you discovered? What if your findings are correct? Do you sue the Martin Construction Company? Please discuss your options, and select your plan of attack.

Reference no: EM131143045

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