Spent most of her time training for the olympics
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When asked in a television interview what she felt she was missing out on because she spent most of her time training for the Olympics, a rower answered, “A normal social life.” She also revealed that she had given up a job that paid $20,000 per year in order to train full-time. She was fortunate to receive a grant from Sport Canada of $10,000 per year, but this was not enough to cover all of her expenses. Her food and rent were $5,000 per year and training expenses (coach’s fee, equipment costs etc.) were$16,000 per year. a. What is the annual opportunity cost of “going for Gold” for this rower? b. What is the annual opportunity cost to Canada of training this rower? c. In general, what is the annual opportunity cost to Canada of sending this rower and other athletes to the Olympics?

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