Speculate to the short-term and long-term effects

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• Analyze Garcetti v. Ceballos, to determine whether or not the Pickering balancing test is applicable to this case and state why or why not.

• Many states are facing budget constraints that are shining a light on public employees' pay and benefits, which have led to debates about state employees' collective bargaining rights. From a public administrator perspective, speculate to the short-term and long-term effects if limited collective bargaining is adopted. Hint: Look at all the stakeholders involved.

Reference no: EM131264045

Estimate the value of a life saved

Estimate the value of a life saved. Justify your position. Determine which policy is preferable, (a) the 55-mph speed limit or (b) the 65-mph limit. Justify your position.

Function vecmul-define function addvec and use vecmul

Write a function vecmul that will take as inputs two simple lists of numbers. vecmul should multiply these lists element-wise as one would multiply vectors. Assume the two lis

Example of a stress or adjustment disorder

How would you define stress/adjustment disorders? What is an example of a stress/adjustment disorder? Is it possible to cure this disorder? If so, how? If not, why not?

A small plane just crashed in your neighborhood

A small plane just crashed in your neighborhood. You take a fire extinguisher and blankets to the scene, then stand back and pray when you realize there is nothing you can do

Understanding of energy that motivates-drives personality

Contrast Freud’s understanding of the libido with Jung’s understanding of the libido. Which is the most like your own understanding of the energy that motivates and drives per

Write composition to plan daily activities

Write down one-paragraph composition entitled "How I Plan My Daily Activities", Begin paragraph with topic sentence: "I plan my daily activities carefully.

Importance of objectivity in conducting program evaluations

You're the evaluator on major project; you should ensure that the evaluation will be bias free. Critically discuss the steps that should be taken to ensure the bias is remov

The article deals with plagiarism and the penalties imposed

The article deals with plagiarism and the penalties imposed. As you read, consider the impact of plagiarism on our society as a whole, the ethical, economical, and cultural im


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