Specimen of this material elongate when a true stress

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For some metal alloy, a true stress of 345 MPa (50040 psi) produces a plastic true strain of 0.02. How much will a specimen of this material elongate when a true stress of 417 MPa (60480 psi) is applied if the original length is 470 mm (18.50 in.)? Assume a value of 0.22 for the strain-hardening exponent, n.

Reference no: EM13708838

The volume flow rate at the exit of the pipe

Carbon-dioxide gas at 3MPa and 500 K flows steadily in a pipe at a rate of 0.4kmol/s. Determine a) the volume and mass flow rates and the density of carbon dioxide at this sta

Find expressions for the induced transverse stresses

A cube of linear elastic material is subjected to a vertical compressive stress sigma1 in the 1-direction, but it is now constrained ( e = 0) in both the 2- and 3- directions.

Find the petroff no-load torque

Find the Petroff no-load torque for the journal bearing in Case Study 10B. Find the minimum film thickness for a bearing with these data: 45mm dia, 30 mm long, 0.001 clearance

What mass of ice can be produced in one day

If the room temperature is 300. K, what mass of ice can be produced in one day by a 0.50-hp motor that is running continuously? Assume that the refrigerator is perfectly ins

Predict the relationship between load and output voltage

Explain any anomalies - differences from theory or what you thought should happen. Is a linear approximation sufficient to describe and predict the relationship between load

Effect of the gap distance on the heating process

The initial time rate of change in the temperature of the wafer, (dTw /dt)i, is also of interest. Approximating the surfaces of the hot  plate and the wafer as blackbodies a

Determine the angular velocity of the disk

The 10-g bullet having a velocity of 800 m>s is fired into the edge of the 5-kg disk as shown. Determine the angular velocity of the disk just after the bullet becomes embed

Determine the magnitude of forces t

the boat is to be pulled onto shore using two ropes. If the resultant force is to be 1000 N, directed along the keel aa , determine the magnitude of forces T, P acting in ea


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