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Part 1:

Suppose you want to reduce employee theft in your organization. How can you accomplish this without either (a) violating the law or (b) incurring the wrath of your labor union?

Write a paper in response to the questions raised in the above scenario. In providing your response, be sure to address the following:

  • Specify the legal issues that are relevant to this scenario.
  • Provide specific recommendations (e.g., in the form of policies, training, disciplinary actions) to reduce employee theft.

Part 2:

As nations around the world become increasingly interconnected and interdependent, it is critical to foster an understanding of labor relations systems in other parts of the world. To encourage this understanding, this individual work requires you to examine the similarities and differences between labor relations systems in the United States and another country.

Write a paper in which you compare the labor relations system in the United States with that of any other country (e.g., Germany, Japan, Sweden, Canada). Answer the following questions during your comparison:

  • What features of each company's system are better? Explain.
  • What features of the other country's system, if any, should the United States adopt?

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