Specific sociology topics to analyze for women studies

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Specific sociology topics to analyze for Women studies. For example, it would be much easier to write a paper analyzing how the mass media portray Oprah Winfrey than the more generic topic of "images of African American women in the U.S." does that help? so, I am looking for specific topic suggestions to write about for women studies.


Reference no: EM131026875

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According to your assigned readings, over the past decade various forms of toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) have been deployed as WMD, indiscriminately killing and injuring

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How many species do you count

Describe the processes that create a maximum of ozone around 15 km in the October average from 1967-1971. What were the processes that decreased these values at 15 km in the

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Discussion post - why does a p-value provide a true measure of statistical significance? Try to relate your answer to previously covered concepts - example continuous probabil

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What sort of wisdom does Socrates claim he does not possess? Is the claim that he does not possess this sort of wisdom coherent with his behavior in the Euthyphro? Does anyone


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