Specific logistics and supply chain management concepts

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Learning Outcome:

Demonstrate ability to work with others effectively as a team member in logistic management projects, related to case studies or new themes.

The capacity to write coherent project about actual logistic case studies.

Project Writing

The purpose of this assignment is to identify and apply Logistics and Supply Chain Management concepts/tools to solve operational problems and improve operational performance. To this purpose, you should find an interesting logistics/Supply chain problem from the real business world and think about how you can apply the concepts/tools that you learned in this course to solve the problem.

More specifically, each individual should:

Find a Logistics/Supply chain problem from the real business world (from his/her own work or from any company)

Identify specific Logistics and Supply Chain Management concepts/tools that can be applied to the problem

Apply an appropriate Logistics and Supply Chain Management concept/tool or a set of appropriate concepts/tools to propose a solution to the problem

Analyze the expected results that may be obtained when the solution is implemented.

The report should be 5 - 8 pages in length including the cover and appendices, with 1" margins on all sides, double-spacing, and 12 point font. The cover of the report should include title, course code and name, your full name, and your University id number.

The report must follow the outline below:

1. Executive summary (no more than one page)

- Summarize what is the problem, what Logistics and Supply Chain Management concepts/tools have been applied to the problem, and what are the expected results of the proposed solution.

2. Background information

- Clearly state whether the problem is from your own work or from business articles/cases. If it is from business articles/cases, provide its source (title, author, name of the journal, date published).

- Briefly introduce the company background (e.g., name, products, business size, location, internal/external interesting facts, etc).

3. Problem Description

- Describe the problem clearly and specifically.

- You should focus on a single problem, although you can introduce several other issues for informational purposes. General management problems are not acceptable.

- The problem may involve either logistics decision-making or process improvement.

4. Application of logistics and Supply Chain Management concepts/tools that can be applied

- Describe what specific logistics and Supply Chain Management concepts/tools can be applied to the problem and why they are appropriate to the problem. This section should make it clear that you understand the concepts/tools you are about to use.

5. Analysis of expected results

- Analyze the expected results of the proposed solution. You should compare between before and after the implementation of the proposed solution and justify the proposed solution clearly.

6. Conclusion

7. References

Reference no: EM132234302

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