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Part 1:

Question 1:

Organizations exist in a dynamic environmental, consisting both specific and general environmental forces. Describe what is meant by the specific and general environments within which organizations operate. Provide ONE (1) example of each type of environment (specific and general) and the challenges it presents to managers.

Question 2:

The Contingency Approach to management has been vaguely described as "taking action as required depending on the situation".

(a) Describe Contingency Approach with appropriate examples.

(b) Explain with relevant examples the difference between Contingency Management and Systems Management.

Question 3:

Ethics is defined as "rule and principles that define right and wrong conduct". In general we may conclude that managerial ethics are individual manager's responsibility and behavior. Examine and explain the FOUR (4) different views on the standards of managerial behavior on ethics.

Question 4:

In late 1970s Geert Hofstede surveyed 116 thousand employees of IBM employed in more than 50 countries. The research found that national culture had a major impact on employee's work related values and attitudes. Identify and explain Hofstede's FOUR (4) dimensions of national culture in the Malaysian context.

Part 2:

Question 1

a)  Differentiate between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

a)  Describe how managers can encourage and promote entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial culture in their organisations.

Question 2

a)  Explain why strategic planning is necessary for long term organisational success.

b) Outline the steps a manager usually takes in the strategic planning process.

Question 3

a)  Why do managers need to know about organisational behaviour?

b) Explain, based on your personal working experience in groups (or in teams), the Tuckman's FIVE (5) stages of group (or team) development?

Question 4

a) State the difference between mechanistic organization and organic organization.

b) In what ways do you think organic organizations suit better than mechanistic organizations in today's working environment?

Reference no: EM13869918

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