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Diagnosis of CML can be done using a Southern blot to detect the junction fragment. In the early stages of CML most patients are heterozygous for the genome rearrangement, while at later stages homozygosity is observed. Using a probe that detects both the junction fragment and the normal cABL gene, would you be able to distinguish between someone that is heterozygous and someone that is homozygous?



Reference no: EM1386559

Discuss an everyday application of the scientific method

Discuss An Everyday Application of the Scientific Method Science is a systematic method of learning about the universe that relies on logic and revolves around the notion of

Farmer and you breed a black chicken

You are a farmer and you breed a black chicken with a white chicken and all of the F1 generation are grey. What type of inheritance is this? What will be the phenotypic ratio

What is the genotype or genotypes of the blond-haired

In Scandinavia, people who do not have blond hair and blue eyes stand out. A study considered hair and eye color in families from Copenhagen, Denmark. In each of 50 families

Research some better solutions to us current organ donation

Organ donation policies vary across countries around the globe. Research and suggest some better solutions to the United States current organ donation allocation policy. Exp

Explain the rotator cuff supples stability to the shoulder

The rotator cuff supples stability to the shoulder and enables the shoulder to rotate up and down. The rotator cuff is not just one muscle but it consists of four scapular m

Reproductive strategy for males

How might infanticide be seen as a reproductive strategy for males? What would you say if you saw a newspaper article that applied this idea (not the act itself) to human ma

Consider the meaning of the term ecology

Explain how each of these ideas works and find ways to link between them. Present examples from your experience to demonstrate an understanding of the principles involved.

What sequence of nucleotide pairs in a drosophila

What sequence of nucleotide pairs in a Drosophila gene will encode the amino acid sequence met-trp-phe-trp-met (reading from the amino terminus to the carboxyl terminus)?


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