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As the project leader, write 500-750 words that address these items: 1. Identify which methodologies and strategies you will implement to meet your goals. Provide rationale for why you did not select some of the other methodologies and strategies. 2. Which business functions will be impacted by your action plan? What tactics will you use to manage implementation across business functions? What can you do to enhance collaboration/cross-functionality to ensure the success of your plan? 3. Timeline: Create a timeline to implement the proposed improvement to the problem and identify the critical path components. 4. Communication plan: Using your completed quality tools analysis and stakeholder analysis, create a communication plan for disseminating your action plan to all of the stakeholders. Which strategies do you plan to utilize and why? Your plan should demonstrate how you plan to use formal and informal communication channels to implement the plan. In addition, explain how the communication plan addresses what you are hoping to achieve with your goal. I need ideas on how to reduce wait times for a restaurant and how to implement in.

Successfully improving the value chain requires the willingness of required stakeholders to participate. Imagine you are presenting your project plan in a meeting to all the essential stakeholders for approval.

How can I do that with a restaurant chain? My idea is to reduce waiting time at restaurants.

Reference no: EM131181123

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