Solving for an annuity payment

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(Solving for an annuity payment) You would like to have $1,000,000 accumulated by the time you turn 65, which will be 40 years from now. How much would you have to put away each year to reach your goal, assuming you're starting from zero now and you earn 10% annual interest on your investment?

Reference no: EM131041219

What is the standard deviation of the complete portfolio

Consider the following capital market: a risk-free asset yielding 1.75% per year and a mutual fund consisting of 65% stocks and 35% bonds. The expected return on stocks is 12.

Possible investment is the packaging machine

The first possible investment is the packaging machine, which will cost $14,000. The second investment, the molding machine, would cost $12,000. The expected cash flows for

Function of foreign exchange market

What is the function of foreign exchange market? Who are the market participants? Write down the difference between the spot and forward markets

How long does it take to get tutor earnings

How long does it take to get tutor earnings deposited to your PayPal account? Am asking this, because I withdrew $43 on 4th Aug. and up to date, this has not reflected in my

What effect has chinas entry into world trade organization

Do you find it conceivable that state-owned enterprises in China are engaging in product piracy? Explain.- What effect has China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO

Multitude of differences with risk level

When investing in bonds, there are a multitude of differences with risk level, time to maturity, and specific provisions, etc. One such provisional feature is known as a sin

Determine the interest rate

Determine the interest rate that would require a monthly total payment that is less than your current total payment. Also, refinancing costs you $2000 up-front in closing co

Financial performance data for a firm

Show why is it vital for a marketing professional to know where to get financial performance data for a firm? Show what value is there in being able to read an annual report


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