Solve the problem using the basic hill-climbing approach

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Write a program for :

N-Queens problem in Local Search Algorithm

Assume N= 8 and solve the following

1- Solve the problem using the basic hill-climbing approach, Keep track of time taken, the percentage of problems you can solve and the percentage of problems you cannot solve, and the number of steps for the solution or failure.

Obviously you need to start with a random starting and configuration and solve the problem many times to obtain percentages and average time taken and average number of steps to success or failure.

2- Allow K number of sideways improvements or lake thereof. (( In terms of the matrix discussed in 1.

3- Allow random restarts and obtain the matrix again.

4- Combine random restarts with sideways moves and solve the problem again.

5- Perform any other extensions to hill-climbing you can and obtain the results.

6- Provide me your own code.

Reference no: EM13684860

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