Solve for the money market equilibrium
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Consider a closed economy which can be characterized by the following equations: C = 400 + 0.8YD I = 600 + 0.1y- 1000r G = 300 T = 125 (M/P)d = 0.2Y-6000r (M/P)= 400 a. Solve for the goods market equilibrium and state the equation for the AD and IScurve. Draw both graphics. b. Solve for the money market equilibrium and LM and draw the graphics. c. Determine the equilibrium values for real GDP (Y), the real interest rate (r), private consumption(C), investment (I) and private saving (S). Show that in equilibrium total saving equals investments. Graphics d. Suppose that government uses contractionary fiscal policy and decreases government expenditures to G = 200. What happens to the equilibrium? (Repeat exercise (c) for the new government expenditures. Graphics. e. The Central Bank increases the money supply to 500. How this policy affects the final equilibrium? What is the new level of output and interest rate? Use graphics and explain

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