Solution change colors in a photosynthesis lab

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What is the process that is occurring to make the phenol red solution change colors in a photosynthesis lab?

Reference no: EM132280497

Describe the growth conditions

You are working with a Gram positive bacterium that can be grown in Tryptic Soy Broth, a complex medium, or in a defined medium containing glucose, ammonium sulfate, potassi

Find studies that research communities

Find two studies that research communities. Can you determine if they are working under the assumption of open or closed community structure? What is that evidence?

Find magnitude of the average emf induced in the band

A technician wearing a circular metal band on his wrist moves his hand (from a region where the magnetic field is zero) into a uniform magnetic field of magnitude 1.8 T in a

What is the selection coefficient for the tan allele

In the same population of rabbits, body mass is normally distributed with an average of 8 kg. Large rabbits stay warmer because they can better retain heat. After an especia

What happens first protein denaturation or protein digestion

What happens first, protein denaturation or protein digestion? Which type of absorption mechanism requires a selective protein carrier and ATP energy? What is the correct proc

Massive dose of sympathetic nervous system blocker

1. Keeping in mind that lying is stressful, what externally detectable signs might a lie detector identify, assuming it reliability? 2. What would be the effect on the circu

Similarities between innate and adaptive immunity

Describe how the clonal expansion theory explains the more rapid production of antigen specific antibodies, Helper T-cells and Cytotoxic T-cells, during a secondary infectio

How action potential of cardiac cells will be affected

Case study-based activity. Patient with irregular cardiac rhythm  - Present the most common side effects and reasons for monitoring in case of use of these antiarrhythmics:


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