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Discuss the formation of and the advantages and disadvantages of doing business in the following forms: sole proprietorship; partnership; corporation (C Corp and S Corp); and limited liability company. Specifically discuss the tax and liability issues of each. Also, indicate the form of business you would choose should you someday start your own business, including the reasons for your decision and the Christian approach to business and business relationships.

Reference no: EM131148264

Components of fast food industry macro-environment

Assess the relevant components of the fast food industry's macro-environment: political, economic, sociocultural, technological, environmental, and legal and regulatory. Which

Explain a demand chain

Give an explanation of a demand chain, an identification of the constituent parts of a demand chain, Why a business should understand the constituent parts of their demand c

The riskiest strategies have the largest payoff

The more fiscally sound the organization, the more strategies it should execute for the best success. Generally, the riskiest strategies have the largest payoff. The study of

Develop level capacity and matching demand plan

A local company makes athletic clothing and they are preparing aggregate production plans on a quarterly basis for the coming year for their line of women's wear. They have th

Uses a three-tier system for regulation of wine sales

Arizona uses a three-tier system for regulation of wine sales in the state. Suppliers sell to wholesalers, who sell to retailers, who sell to the public. However, an exception

Manager of a landscaping company

The manager of a landscaping company is trying to determine the best crew size to use for the residential lawn care sectors of its business. He has tried a number of crew si

Describe five potential challenges to starting new business

You are planning to begin a new business providing legal consulting services to the technology industry. Name and describe five potential challenges to starting this new bus

Cassidy applies for job as a combination bartender

Cassidy applies for a job as a combination bartender and server at Victor's Casino and Resort Spa. The interview process includes a tour of one of the bar areas at the casino.


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