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Background: Smith Consulting has received some feedback and concerns that their processes and procedures are not sufficiently documented. This lack of professional documentation has caused some loss of potential contracts for the firm. The Learning Team has been given the assignment to define, develop, and propose the following standards for a software testing environment at Smith Consulting:

  • Define the Smith Consulting engagement approach. This will include a statement of the way the firm works with clients and how projects are managed.
  • Define the software development and quality assurance processes and procedures.
  • Describe in the detail the testing procedures to be exercised in the following areas:
  1. Programs
  2. Systems
  3. Interfaces
  • Describe the infrastructure including hardware and software capabilities that will make up the software testing environment.
  • Define the format and requirements for development of formal program specification. This program specification is the document to be provided to the software developers working on a Smith development project.

Reference no: EM13761846

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