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Joshua Trucking has chosen a new software package tied to satellite global positioning system (GPS), in order to monitor its fleet. The software will be outdated after three years and replaced. The software vendor has given Joshua Trucking the choice of buying the software for $65,000 or leasing it for an annual payment of $25,000. To attract customers, the GPS vendor allows lease payments at year-end. The firm has decided to purchase the vendor’s service contract under either option. Assume that depreciation is on a straight-line basis, Joshua Trucking’s cost of obtaining funds is nine percent, and the firm is in the 34 percent tax bracket. Should it borrow and buy or lease the GPS software? Show calculations.

Reference no: EM13918518

What is the firms cost of equity

National Home Rentals has a beta of 1.24, a stock price of $22, and recently paid an annual dividend of $.94 a share. The dividend growth rate is 4.5 percent. The market has a

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Portfolio Required Return Suppose you manage a $4.11 million fund that consists of four stocks with the following investments: Stock Investment Beta A $200,000 1.50 B 750,000

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Each business day, on average, a company writes checks totaling $41,500 to pay its suppliers. The usual clearing time for the checks is six days. Meanwhile, the company is rec

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Both bond A and bond B have 8.2 percent coupons and are priced at par value. Bond A has 6 years to maturity, while bond B has 18 years to maturity. a. If interest rates sudden

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Bolster Foods’ book value balance sheet shows a total of $25 million long-term debt with a coupon rate of 8.5%. The bond has 15 years remaining, and it’s currently trading at

Uses straight line depreciation of the purchase price

he Los Angeles Lakers are sold for 650 Million. At a tax rate of 25% what is the new owner's yearly tax savings if he uses straight line depreciation of the purchase price ove

Determine how you can maximize your revenue from candy sales

You have decided to enter the candy business. You are considering producing two types of candies: Slugger candy and Easy Out candy, both of which consist solely of sugar, nuts


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