Sodium hydroxide (naoh) was dissolved

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When 5.00 g of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) was dissolved in 150.00 g of water a value of 10.50oC was obtained for ΔT.

Reference no: EM13674727

Compute the hydrogen ion concentration in the anode

Consider the subsequent cell: Pt|H2(g, 1.880 atm)|H (aq, M)||Ag (aq, 1.00 M)|Ag(s) If the measured cell potential is 1.0500 V at 25 °C and the standard reduction potential o

Explain when pentane c.5h.12 burns in oxygen

Explain when pentane, C.5H.12, burns in oxygen, it produces carbon dioxide as well as water. If 85.5g of pentane is completely burned, what volume of carbon dioxide is produ

Explain adequately basic to deprotonate benzoic acid

The pKa of hydrochloric acid is about -6. On the basis of this information, would aqueous sodium chloride be adequately basic to deprotonate benzoic acid. Explain your reaso

Propose ways with appropriate equations to measure

Propose ways with appropriate equations that would enable you to measure the D H ° f values of Ag 2 O( s ) and CaCl 2 ( s ) from their elements. No calculations are necessar

Explain which molecule has the higher homo-lumo gap

The lowest energy absorption line in favor of the other dye is light in the visible region at 645 nm. Based on this evidence, explain which molecule has the higher HOMO-LUMO

Disadvantages of writing a chemical equation

Explain what are the advantages and disadvantages of writing a chemical equation with chemical symbols and formulas instead of just words. In detail summarize the steps need

Explain what is the ph of the new solution

A buffer was prepared by mixing a solution that is 0.285 M in HA and 0.385 in A-. The pH of this buffer was 4.435. Then to 405mL of this buffer solution was added to 21.5mL

Compute the ph at each of the points in the titration

The pKb values for the dibasic base B are pKb1 = 2.10 and pKb2 = 7.48. Compute the pH at each of the following points in the titration of 50.0mL of a 0.80 M B(aq) with 0.80


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