Sociological imagination assignment

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Sociological Imagination Assignment

For this assignment explain how a personal problem can be caused by a larger social issue.  It can be a problem that you, a friend or family member, or someone you have read about has experienced. Describe the situation, putting both the personal problem and the larger social issue in boldface, then explain the relationship in terms of cause and effect.  Limit your response to a single double spaced page.




 Correctly identifying a personal problem and larger social issue




Explaining the cause and effect relationship using proper terminology




 Proper spelling, grammar, format and use of boldface




I would like the topic to be based off of divorce rates and the effect its effects on and in society as I am filing for divorce. If you can add information about the 50% of marriages that end up in divorce and if it could be a problem in the foundation of America's or society's idea of marriage. If possible include the term on which marriage is held to and it's expectations. I will add a tip if you can include terms like symbolic interactionism with topic (The ring).

Reference no: EM131119384

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