Society and progress of scientific inquiry

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What impact has society had (or still have) on the progress of scientific inquiry? How does ethical or moral values affect research and the sharing of scientific information? How can this be resolved?

Reference no: EM1389710

How bacteria are used to remove pollutants

Discuss two examples of how bacteria are used to remove pollutants through bioremediation. Provide the genus and species of the two microbes selected, and briefly describe t

Explain one evolutionary consequence of effects of genetic

The degree of interactive genetic variation underlying any trait can be affected by the genetic background of the population. What does this mean? Explain one evolutionary c

Molecular weight of a molecule

Which of the following statements about the molecular weight of a molecule are true? Check all that apply it is equal to the number of atoms in the molecule, it is equal to

What is the inoculum of candidatus liberibacter asiaticus

What is the inoculum of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus ? Which part of the adenosine triphosphate molecule is released when it is hydrolyzed to provide energy for biologica

Determine which animal have highest oxygen consumption

A beetle (0.06g), a gorilla (200kg), a gecko (5g) and a hedgehog (5g) are all kept individually in 5x5m rooms that are maintained at a constant temperature of 25 C.

Explain the terms diploblastic and triploblastic aceolomate

Explain how the earthworm is structurally and reproductively suited for survival on land, despite them being slow in locomotion and bone less. Use simple illustrations

Find the mutant allele

A pure breeding wildtype male fish has the following phenotypes: red fins, yellow eyes and frilly fins. It is crossed with a female fish with the mutant phenotypes.

Associated with membrane proteins

You come across a membrane protein that has been determined to be involved with the passive transport process. A gene has been identified for the protein however you are unab


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