Social services on human traffic
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There were limited resources on this subject; therefore the study was based on publications and articles by corporations and anti-human trafficking organizations. This study has a three-fold purpose, identifying and rescuing sex-trafficking victims, recognizing their need and giving them justice.

This report covers the entire subject in described headings:

1.      Abstract

2.      Social Service agencies in sex trafficking

3.      Minor Sex traffic; A social problem

4.      Summary chapter 1.

5.      Chapter 2: Literature Review

6.      Recognizing the victims need

7.      Justice to the victims

8.      Summary

9.      Conclusion

10.  References

One of the challenges is the lack of awareness about human trafficking which contributes to the under identification of trafficked persons, in addition to this the awareness needs to be created among health care professionals who come across these victims, yet they don't know how to recognize the signs of human trafficking among the patients they treat.

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