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1. Write about Sustainability, Social Responsibility, and Ethics in Supply Chain

2. Think of a business concept that would be appropriate for each of the following, and explain briefly why: a sole proprietorship, a corporation, and a limited liability company.

3. Some companies that off-shored manufacturing to China have been experiencing increased risks and financial losses from disruptions in the supply chain. As an international logistics expert, provide 3 risks and 3 solutions to mitigate interruptions in the supply chain.

Reference no: EM132234812

Define communication policy and success require a leader

Communication policy and success require a leader and manager to review and change constantly. Prepare a paper based on the reading and your experiences citing examples of

What is political risk

What is political risk and what are the potential outcomes to foreign companies active in a market with high political risk? How does the level of political risk vary with the

The fate of opel

The once mighty General Motors, unable to survive by meeting the needs of customers turned to the taxpayers for a bailout in the U.S. In Europe its Opel subsidiary required

Why are codes of ethics important in healthcare

Why are Codes of Ethics important in healthcare? What are some of the features of the ACHE Code of Ethics? Give some specific examples of codes you agree with and why. Give so

What is total annual cost associated with order quantity

The Toledo Mudhens, a minor league baseball team, breaks an average of seven bats per week during a 38 week season. The team purchases it bats from a national supplier.  How m

Personal factors in evaluating someone elses behavior

If you are a manager and have one extremely exceptional employee, you need to guard against __________ when evaluating the work of your other employees, because you may have t

Equally offset the expected long cash position

On Aug. 15 a feed barley producer feels that $300/t is a good price to sell the remainder of the un priced feed barley he/she is about to harvest since the December feed barle

Use lewins force field analysis

Use Lewin’s force field analysis to describe the dynamics of organizational change at Ford Motor Company (see opening vignette to this chapter). Address other forces for and a


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