Social media is not underutilized by business environment

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1. This is a short, one to two paragraph presentation sent to the Discussion Tab identifying your business to the class. It should be concise and to the point. It should be so exciting that we cannot wait for the full Business Plan.

2. From a cost and logistics perspective, would McDonald’s prefer a standardized or localized menu across the world?

3. Social media is not underutilized by the business environment. State your points for this statement.

Reference no: EM132281130

Different geographies-cultures and legal environment

Globalization has become pervasive in almost every company. It influences the types of jobs that are available and requires companies to adjust to different geographies, cultu

Is this programmed or non programmed decision

Describe at least 3 points in the decision-making process at which information plays an important role. When your alarm goes off each morning, you have a decision to make: whe

Firm use an efficient versus a responsive supply chain

What kinds of supply chain structure (i.e. supplier characteristics, location of supplier, other considerations) enable an efficient supply chain? A responsive supply chain? W

Completing the project within various time frames

Sox engineering designs and constructs air conditioning and heating systems for hospitals and clinics. Sox has estimated the following probabilities of completing the project

What is the difference in returns to advertising

A researcher is studying the returns to advertising in industry A and industry B. She collected data on n different firms in one month that operates in either industry A or B.

Use the concept of flipping the classroom

Describe how technology like Twitter, Prezi, or screen capture, like Kahn Academy uses, is changing the way that people learn. Describe how you could use the concept of “flipp

Reflect on personal influences-including values and morals

Reflect on the personal influences, including the values and morals, you believe are important to you and/or others when facing right versus right, and right versus wrong deci

Specifically the decisions that are strategic

Open today’s issue of The Wall Street Journal and look for an article about new moves being made by a corporation, specifically the decisions that are strategic. At what level


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