Social media is not underutilized by business environment

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1. This is a short, one to two paragraph presentation sent to the Discussion Tab identifying your business to the class. It should be concise and to the point. It should be so exciting that we cannot wait for the full Business Plan.

2. From a cost and logistics perspective, would McDonald’s prefer a standardized or localized menu across the world?

3. Social media is not underutilized by the business environment. State your points for this statement.

Reference no: EM132281130

Many complex and supply chains are in fact very simple

From the cases, we saw that many complex and supply chains are in fact “very simple” in the sense that work designs is intuitive to workers far away from the company headquart

What is the impact of the lack of fit

What options are available to the firm in the short term when dealing with this lack of fit? What is the impact of the lack of fit? What are the implications of the firm try

Model with the interactive communication model

Describe the SMCR mass communication model. Then compare and contrast that model with the interactive communication model. Discuss the key ethical issues of taste, stereotypin

What theory of insider trading should the prosecution

Business Ethics R. Foster Winans, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, was one of the writers of the “Heard on the Street” column, a widely read and influential column in t

Which constraints are binding-constraints are non-binding

A real estate developer is planning to build an office complex. Currently, there are three office sizes under construction; small, medium, and large. Formulate a Linear Progra

Direct marketing strategy and technology

Discussion: Direct Marketing Strategy and Technology for B2B organizations Consider the direct marketing strategy and marketing technology needs of B2B organizations, and then

What is the importance of developing a financial strategy

You are a procurement and supply manager at a company that manufactures and assembles construction equipment. The company is about to launch a project to develop a new tractor

Explain the development strategy of haier group

Review this case study - A SWOT Study of the Development Strategy of Haier Group as One of the Most Successful Chinese EnterprisesFind five examples of the company's goals.


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