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ls anonymity for people using social media a positive or negative things? choose one one side or the other but acknowledge possible objections to your point of view. l want points from both side(negative and positive) and then after u come up with your points write a central argument (thesis) that helps introduce those points from the start. you can choose either side (positive or negative) but just make sure you have good points and your thesis well introduce those points.

Reference no: EM13144461

Research paper on recycling

I am doing a research paper on recycling. My teacher does not want a mapping thesis. Any good ideas for a vague, general thesis statement for a research paper on recycling?

Internet creates psychological effect on children

The internet creates psychological effect on children. The children exposure to two kinds of dangerous programs violence programs and photographical programs. The most common

Evaluation of carson’s argument-varied environment chemicals

“Every pregnant woman in the United States is exposed to many and varied environment chemicals” (Sutton). According to “The Obligation to Endure,” Rachel Carson argues that ma

Correct grammar and sentence structure-issue of abortion

The discussion that started in class on October 14, 2012 was in response to the issue of abortion, since both Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan being Catholic

Writing cause an audience

Explain whether you agree or disagree those grammar errors in writing cause an audience to question the writer’s credibility, so that the message and purpose of the writing is

Customer satisfaction-essay correction

The most unique and expensive coffee in the world. Originally from Indonesia, Luwak Coffee is made from luwak (civet) digestion fermentation with low acidity and is safe for s

Compare and contrast essay about christmas and ramadan

The wonderful and wintry month's doesn't bring us just its silent blankets of snow or the ice cold winds. It brings us the beautiful holidays that are in this Siberian-Cold mo

Arguments against adult-rating of movies with smoking scenes

I want help to write 1.5 pages summary about spacfice article which is " Four Arguments against the Adult-Rating of Movies with Smoking Scenes"


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