Social deviance: the issue of risky sexual behaviour
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No society, according to them is absolutely deviant free society. All men show certain traits of deviation from the ideal social behaviour regarding some issues, and at certain points of time. Social deviance is defined as the recognized violation from cultural norms. This is a broad definition and depending upon who is explaining it and in what situations, it can mean a variety of things. All deviance need not be negative.

This write up will help to understand:-

1.      What is social deviance?

2.      Various theories of social deviance

  • Theory of Differential Association
  • Labeling theory

3.      Sexual behaviour is a sensitive topic, especially among adults.

4.      A review of many comparative studies

5.      Depression

6.      Substance abuse

7.      Evident examples

8.      Self systems

9.      Familial system

10.  What are the measures of risk sexual activities?

  • Socio economic status
  • Depressive symptoms
  • Anxiety symptoms
  • Child stress report post traumatic stress reaction index
  • Problems related to substance abuse
  • Anti social behaviour scales

11.  Methods undertaken to spread awareness

12.  Social health policies and programs

  • HIV prevention
  • STD prevention
  • Pregnancy prevention is the items in their agenda

13.  Youth risk behaviour surveillance system

  • Sexual behaviour
  • Sexual behaviour trends
  • HIV epidemic fact sheets

14.  More epidemiological data

15.  Clinical treatments

16.  Concluding remarks

17.  References

The same is the outcome with programs which are undertaken to rectify alcoholics and drug abusers. Finally, sexual education programs can benefit from a multi-dimensional approach that addresses emotional and behavioural well-being in addition to sexual behaviour and attitudes.

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