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PowerPoint presentation; 8 content slides with 100-150 words per slide notes (This has to be put in notes section of PPT not the slides

Point-of-sale (POS) advertising is a form of direct marketing. It is also an important component of today's IMC planning, allowing companies to keep the brand in front of the customer in the store. In-store advertising is another way to reach the customer, and it also serves as a reminder for loyal customers. POS advertising works to influence the customer's behavior with creative ways of shouting "Buy me!"

Your client liked your POP options presentation a few weeks ago and is asking for a brief presentation about how POS promotions can help to influence the buying behavior of new and loyal customers. Your client is thinking of a POS system that could be used in one store in the coming months.

Your presentation will include the following:

Slide 1: Define POS promotion systems and how they can benefit your client's product.

Slide 2: Recommend one store where the product should be using POS promotions, and explain why.

Slides 3-5: Research and describe one POS promotional that you will display in the store, and explain why.

• Explain why this is a brand-building and customer relationship opportunity.

• Sketch out or find a picture of a POS system, and customize for your client.

• Explain how the promotion promotes and maintains the image of the company and product.

Slide 6-7/8: This final recommendation and suggestion for the POS system should sum up how it matches your target market(s) and why it will generate sales.

Reference no: EM131098856

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