Size the plane gets directed to a different airport

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Plane class

Instance variables

int flightNumber //

int clockStart //Time the plane enters the Runway systemint status (null = 0, arriving = 1, departing = 2)


  1. Plane() (Default Constructor)
  2. Plane(int fltNumber, int time, int status) (Constructor)
  3. void refuse() //If the landing ArrayList reaches a predetermined size the plane gets directed to a different airport.
  4. void land(int time) //Arriving flight lands and once it lands it will be removed from the list.
  5. void fly(int time) //Departing flight takes off, and it is deleted from the takeoff list.
  6. int started() //returns the time at which a plane joined the appropriate Runway ArrayList<Plane>.
  7. The Plane methods output what is happening. For example, the method refuse() checks the status of the plane, if it is arriving, then it checks that ArrayList<Plane> landing hasn't reached the preset limit. If it has, it simply outputs that the plane is redirected.
  8. Think about what messages landing and departing planes should out- put and print that info.
  9. Both arriving and departing planes must find how long they had to wait in line before landing or departing and print that information.

Reference no: EM132183904

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