Six sigma practitioners use failure modes-effective analysis

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1. Given X¯ and R values for 25 samples of size n = 4. Set up the X¯ and R charts on this process. Interpret the charts. Does the process seem to be in control? If necessary, assume assignable causes and revise the trial control limits. If the average fill of the bags is to be 50.0 pounds, how does this process compare?

2. Why do Six Sigma practitioners use failure modes and effective analysis?

3. Describe the three types of FMEAs discussed in this chapter.

4. Describe the steps involved in creating an FMEA.

Reference no: EM131233940

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Electronic Village is open 325 days a year and stocks and sells a particular brand of personal computer. It cost the store $350 each time it places an order with the manufactu


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